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Amidst the constant bipartisan bickering, the obliteration of the safety net for our nation’s most vulnerable populations (in the name of closing the budget gap), and the recent horrifying injustice that is the Troy Davis case, it’s wonderfully surprising and heartening to know that Congress introduced an incredibly thoughtful and desperately-needed piece of legislation, aimed at supporting disconnected youth. The Reengaging Americans in Serious Education by Uniting Programs Act (RAISE UP Act) targets youth who have dropped out of secondary school, are homeless, in foster care,  unemployed, young parents, in the juvenile justice system, or who are otherwise “disconnected” from a healthy support system to enable their successful transition to adulthood.

“By integrating essential, and often disparate, education, workforce, social services and supports, RAISE UP will provide pathways for disadvantaged youth to graduate from secondary school, attain a post-secondary credential, and secure family-supporting career.” (CLASP, 2011)

See CLASP’s analysis of the bill, and encourage your reps (or, if you live in Washington, DC, encourage your “shadow rep” to encourage her allies) to support the passage of it.