I provide both program development and executive management services, grounded in a powerful set of frameworks. I work with cultural institutions, community organizations, education institutions, public libraries, and local governments.

Executive Management  

Design of large-scale youth & equity-centered initiatives

Many organizations, cities, and counties are rightfully engaged in the critically important work of creating new initiatives around equity and youth development. Having helped envision and lead a major, successful, city-wide youth development-centered collective impact strategy for the city of Washington, DC, and having worked to successfully embed youth development throughout DC Public Library system programs and operations, I bring deep experience and insight to the design of large-scale youth and equity-centered initiatives, and can help your institution or agency envision, strategize, plan, and design one that is powerful, impactful, and sustainable.

Assessment of institution-wide initiatives

Many institutions have strong intentions to create new initiatives around youth engagement, community engagement, diversity/equity/inclusion, etc. but those initiatives sometimes fall flat or are not sustained, because they are not owned by and embedded into the fabric of the entire institution on both the programmatic and operational levels. I can do an assessment of the initiative to pinpoint areas where integration needs to exist, as well as offering recommendations for integration. Or I can consult with the design team during the planning phase to ensure that integration is woven into the project from the start, to ensure success and sustainability.

Facilitation of staff development

I can develop and facilitate stand alone workshops, workshop series, or retreats for all levels of staff, from senior management to new employees around any set of ideas in my framework. All workshops are designed to be participatory, engaging the body and different learning/thinking styles. 

Senior grant writing

Having written successful federal, state, and private grant proposals to support everything from small organizational projects to million dollar city-wide collective impact strategies, my grant-writing services are highly sought after. I can work with your institution to identify and write grants to support projects or initiatives that we are co-creating, or I could do that work independent of a larger engagement.

Research and writing about programs

As a self-described “research nerd”, I delight in going down research rabbit holes. I can conduct a review of literature on a proposed initiative or program, as well as write a convincing report about an existing program or initiative. My research and writing has been published in both international journals and private studies.

Program Development

Design and facilitation of programs for the public

My most noted work has been the design and leading of both “one-off” and year-long programs for youth and adults in public libraries, schools, and community organizations. I can work with you to develop a program around a theme or initiative that results in genuine participant engagement, learning, and ownership with a strong evaluation component tied in.

Development of curriculum

Having been a recognized public school teacher in middle and high school grades, as well as the director of a youth media program, I am adept at curriculum development and can create a curriculum for a project or initiative, including a scope and sequence and individual lesson plans–all connected to state, national, or independent institutional learning outcomes

Facilitation of difficult conversations with youth and adults

Using movement, story-sharing, theater, and group process techniques, I can facilitate conversations with youth and adults around issues that may be challenging or difficult, including race, allyship, and power/privilege.